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Our Story

Our mother and grandmother, Hester had exceptional taste in classic contemporary décor with subtle Parisian elegance. As a jewelry designer, known to create unique handmade fine jewelry of natural stones and precious metals; she infused her favorite colors, lavender, and French Bleu, and in honor of her, we chose the name Hestée Bleu. Founded as an architectural engineering studio in 2004. The firm is reimagined for creative expression and innovative design. Hestée Bleu, represents the juxtaposition of old and new for the spatial environment; that showcases repurposed discoveries, and editioned works by artists and artisans.

​Ms. Tamelia Goodwyn, Founder & Principal is multi-talented, exceptionally creative and innovative. Inspired by listening to her clients from concept to realization; is to ask the right questions and create a welcoming atmosphere of openness. This new collective incorporates, the art of design - the science of adaptive architecture, and computation.


Additionally, to her accomplishments, over 25 years of high-performance computational systems and environments. It was her creative and technological journey, that inspired her aesthetic approach in computational simulation, geometry and human-centered interaction. Meeting challenges with opportunities forged from her studies, professional and applied knowledge of Digital Innovative, Industrial Cognitive AI, and Parametric Generative Design.

She studied in Industrial Technology & Engineering; Advanced Simulation and Computing; Cognitive Human Factors; Masters in Laws, Jurisprudence, Corporate, and Intellectual Property; Graduate Studies in Interior Architecture; Cryptography & Hardware Research. Her depth of experience spans across financial services, healthcare design, military construction (MILCON); Intelligent Transportation Systems - Autonomous Vehicles and Industrial Design.​

Key collaborators:

Dr. Hubert Massey, Master Artist & Award-winning Kresge Fine Arts Fellow. Dr. Massey holds a Honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts; studied at the University of London’s Slade Institute of Fine Arts and later learned the centuries-old fresco technique from former assistants of legendary artist Diego Rivera. His public works are displayed throughout various cities, communities and neighborhoods, and cross Detroit metropolitan regions:

Mexicantown, Greektown, the Cultural Center, Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, Detroit Athletic Club and Cobo Center. Retrieved from https:

Daree Shannon, Lead Content Editor; she holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing and specialized in Screenwriting. Her extensive portfolio of published articles is utilized by different media platforms. She incorporates writing the visual narrative with character analysis. Dee uses history and film analysis of classical and contemporary screenwriting for social media and storytelling medium techniques. She finds her creative enjoyment from script to screen, film production and costume design.