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Image by Shubham Dhage


The intersection of architecture and design, business, and engineering. Integrating in-depth strategy development, assessments, and technical analysis, Comprise of functional use studies, high performance buildings, urban design, smart cities, geospatial technologies, historic preservation, public interest design and multi-dimensional façades.
We can't wait to connect with you over video  to share, review, and comment on data-rich building models in real time. We offer support, guidance, and second opinions from professional textile designers for your design decisions.


An integral extension of the design studio forms the basis of education and experience shared by both industrial technology and architecture. The principles of sustainability, technical information, material research and their relationship to adaptive re-use of existing structures,  enchanced building performance and functionality reviews.


Hestée Bleu Intérieurs, as the go-to interiors stylist showroom for elevating spaces, expressing curiosity, and visual storytelling through the realms of interiors. We continue to expand the studio practice to include a refreshing combination of unexpected elements, creative direction, and art collections.
Moments of worthy distinctive requires attention to detail. This ethos leads to the creation of appealing interiors, individualized, bespoke approach. We have a number of specialists whom we commission and oversee to complement the design vision.  Our procurement network enables us to source or commission, an array of innovative materials, contemporary pieces, vintage and custom furniture.


Driven by the signature aesthetic and eccentricity of its founders, the Detroit-based company focuses its efforts and commitment on innovative research and development within the perspectives of architecture and digital design. 
Integrating in-depth strategy development, assessments, and technical analysis, comprise of functional use studies and repurposing. Emphasis is placed on architectural technolgy, aesthetics, and conceptual facility programming.
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