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Tam Goodwyn, founder, and principal of Hestée Bleu Intérieurs, Goodwyn credits her indefatigable energy, determination, and work ethic to her mother. Her distinctive vision, entrepreneurial spirit, and technological journey inspired her aesthetics; by listening to her clients and incorporating experimental research design through high resolution architecture. For over 25 years she has led creative vision and direction at top consultancy and tech firms in the industry, which has given her the tools needed to be truly multifaceted, innovative, and ability to synthesize compute-intensive case studies and data-intensive research.
Today she has ventured that experience into rising duo firms Hestée Bleu Intérieurs and MAE Labs. It is her mission to explore forward- thinking investigations and applied research to synthesize innovative solutions and novel frameworks, through diverse applications in architectural technology, human-centered design, and complex building components. In most cases, engagements vary from circulations of archives, prodect and material research, and the building science spectrum. With Tam's guidance, we are a growing team of Architects, Scientists, and Engineers, serving clients domestically and internationally.
Goodwyn, curates a wealth of experiences into every design criteria, within human integration + simulation research. She acknowledges recent interdisciplinary approaches that intersect architecture and engineering technologies. She received her academic training in Industrial Technology and Engineering; Architecture; Econometrics; Corporate Law. Amongst her most notable projects are High-Performance Facility Design; Military Construction (MILCON); Digital Theory + Computational Architecture; Cyber-Physical Systems and Critical Infrastructure; Intelligent Transportation Systems - Autonomous Vehicle Research and Urban Planning. Among other things, she's occasionally seen with her loving Kerry Blue Terriers.
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